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Freelance Software Engineer & Architect

Hi and welcome to my website which acts as a portal to present the services I offer as a contractor and some of my personal projects and interests.

My path led me to work as a software engineer for over 10 years in the video games industry, both within AAA game development studios in the UK and as a freelancer across various projects. In 2010 I returned to University to study Architecture at London Metropolitan University and graduated in 2013 with first class honours and won several awards.

Today, I work as a contractor and my services cover various interlinked domains such as Software Engineering, Architecture, Art & Design

I'm currently engaged with the following activities: 

  • Senior Software Engineer @ Arkio (VR/AR/VrLess Spatial Collaborative Architectural Design).
  • Architectural Design @ Freelance (Design / 3D rendering / VR).

Immediately before that :

  • Lead Software Engineer / Project Manager @ FmGames (Mobile games / Unity).
  • Lead Software Engineer on an unannounced game project @ Athens (4X game / Unity).
  • Private teaching of CAD and BIM softwares, as well as various Adobe softwares.
  • External Lecturer @ Sir John Cass University in London (Year 2 Architecture, Year 3 Interior Design and Interior Architecture, Modern Model Making courses). 
  • Senior Software Engineer @ Marmalade Game Studio - UK (Development of Unity-like editor + game development for mobiles).
  • Researcher on the Oxford City Farm project, working in collaboration with Jane McAllister and Ben Stringer. 
  • Collaboration with artists and architects: competitions, realization of 3D printed objects, posters, portfolios, booklets. 
  • Plugin development for various creative software as well as development for tools and applications for mobile platforms.

On this website, you can learn about the Services I offer and some of my past Projects.

Don't hesitate to get in touch, I'm always interested in new challenges and consider all kind of collaborationsHire Me.

mobile: +30(0)6934566153
mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Please find my resume attached below.