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Unity 3D

I work as a Freelancer and offer Unity3D development services.


  • 10+ years in the video game industry in top studios (Sony, Electronic Arts) with several AAA titles released.
  • Development of video games & tools for all platforms.
  • Development of video games for mobile platforms.
  • Development of applications & tools.
  • Development of VR applications for architecture.


  • Deep knowledge of Unity3D.
  • Advanced knowledge of common Design Patterns and Idioms, UML.
  • .NET, STL, Boost libraries, Win32 API, DirectX & OpenGL, OpenAL, Json/Xml.
  • Static and dynamic libraries, plugin systems.
  • Video Game development techniques : Game engines, 3D rendering, Physics, Navigation, Networking, UI.
  • Advanced knowledge of mathematics & physics.
  • Strong problem solving skills & excellent communication skills.

Navigate to the Projects section of my site to learn about some of the past projects I worked on.

Languages : C/C++/C#, various scripting languages, CG, HLSL, GLSL, PHP/MySQL, CSS.
Engines: Unity3D, Havok Physics & Animation, PhysX, Bullet Physics, Newton Game Dynamics, ODE, Ogre3D, WxWidgets and many more.
Platforms: Windows/OSX, IOS, Android, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Linux.